Post-Doctoral Associate: In Vitro Preclinical Oncology

Project Summary

Postdocs hired into our program will also participate in a tailored learning and development journey designed to expand technical expertise, professional and leadership development and networking opportunities.  The technical pillar of your learning journey includes regulatory training, such as GLP, conference attendance, publication opportunities and dedicated mentorship.  Additionally, you’ll be part of leadership courses, executive speaker series, career exploration weeks and presentation opportunities with senior scientific leaders.

·         Investigate immuno-oncology profiles of various human and mouse cancer models using nCounter Gene Expression Panels, GeoMx DSP RNA Assays, and/or GeoMx DSP Protein Assays to help clients understand tissue heterogeneity and answer key biological questions using tumor models

·         Investigate existing or novel biomarkers in these models and how the tumor microenvironment can influence them

·         Execute in vivo and in vitro studies with in-demand tumor models to develop internal scientific capabilities and collateral

·         Study regions of interest within tumors under varying treatment conditions and standards of care to determine the interactions between the tumor, infiltrates, and the microenvironment

·         Develop expertise in data analytics to generate tailored solutions for visualizing cancer heterogeneity and characterization of signaling pathways in response to targeted therapies

·         Author white papers or publications of results that can drive expanded use of in vitro models as predictors of in vivo response and the associated marker profile that accompanies this

The In Vitro Operations Team at Covance by Labcorp Preclinical Oncology consists of 21 members with a vast amount of experience in cell culture, cell-based in vitro assays, molecular and biochemical in vitro assays, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and CAR T cell manufacturing. The Team works closely with the In Vivo Operations Team to coordinate client study execution and the Scientific Development Team to coordinate sales and marketing strategies. One of the main focuses of the In Vitro Operations Team is to continually develop and use new technologies and techniques to help our clients efficiently advance through the preclinical stages of their research.

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