Post-Doctoral  Associate: Pharmacometrics

Project Summary

Postdocs hired into our program will also participate in a tailored learning and development journey designed to expand technical expertise, professional and leadership development and networking opportunities.  The technical pillar of your learning journey includes regulatory training, such as GLP, conference attendance, publication opportunities and dedicated mentorship.  Additionally, you’ll be part of leadership courses, executive speaker series, career exploration weeks and presentation opportunities with senior scientific leaders.


·         Conduct independent scholarly research and develop new methods and protocols

·         Participate in project planning, recording and evaluation of data

·         Acquire technical, lab management and scientific writing skills

·         Participate in seminars, lectures, poster sessions and presentation at national meetings

·         Mentor junior lab members

Scientific Focus

·         Establish receptor occupancy (RO) based PK/PD models and correlate RO PK/PD efficacy model with known clinical receptor occupancy data set.

·         Utilize data set to enhance PK/PD modeling capabilities for nonclinical to clinical translation (primarily for non-small molecule applications).

·         Investigate implementation of PBPK modeling for incorporation into PKPD models for large molecule (antibodies, proteins, oligonucleotides, etc.)

·         Generate PBPK and drug-drug interaction (DDI) models using GastroPlus® (or other suitable) software

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