Research Mentor Training Specialist

The Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning (, situated within the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School, supports graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in becoming excellent educators in the classroom, community, and research spaces – both now and in their future careers. The Graduate School provides an instructional and research environment for approximately 9,200 graduate students in over 150 fields at the master’s and doctoral levels. Delta in the Graduate School works in concert with other campus units, faculty, and staff to provide a suite of professional development opportunities in evidence-based teaching and research mentoring practices. UW-Madison is a national leader in research on effective mentored experiences and the development of training curricula for research mentors and mentees.

The Delta Program is a close-knit and collaborative team that seeks colleagues who foster values of diversity and equity while supporting graduate students and postdocs in preparing for their successful careers. We are looking for a team member who is particularly interested in building and contributing to the rich landscape of research mentor training on the UW-Madison campus, and who will take two primary roles: First, this position will work with graduate students and postdocs from various disciplines to become effective mentors of undergraduate research mentees. This includes facilitation of research mentor training seminars and workshops, with both immediate and long-term applications to creating effective research mentoring relationships. Participants will learn about and apply evidence-based and culturally-aware approaches to research mentoring practices. Second, this position will coordinate and administer research mentor training programming for graduate students and postdocs, in collaboration with colleagues across campus. This includes facilitator recruitment and training, program evaluation, additional curricular development, and stakeholder communication, in order to work toward broad programmatic goals. This position may also contribute to the rich array of evidence-based teaching professional development opportunities within the Delta Program, from developing and facilitating programming to working with individual participants.

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