Data Analyst (Research Analyst), US Social Security Administration

Work for a cutting-edge analytics team with government job perks.

We are looking for Data Analysts (Research Analysts) who enjoy investigating complex and challenging empirical questions, exploring various technical subject areas in-depth, conceptualizing and designing studies, and analyzing data. Part of the work also involves crafting stories to effectively explain findings.

Our division is called the Division of Analytics and Operations (DAO), and our work helps the Social Security Administration (SSA) identify and combat fraud within its programs. We use data and models to identify bad actors who attempt to steal funds from SSA’s programs and beneficiaries. We also conduct studies to help the agency make informed decisions related to fraud. We’re doing our small part to protect the Social Security Trust Funds and maintain the program for future generations.

We are curious, creative, intelligent, and passionate about doing meaningful work. The managers and team members strive to create a culture of cooperation, excellence, camaraderie, and knowledge sharing. While most projects require a high degree of independent thinking and effort, we love collaborating to draw out varied ideas, test assumptions, and hone our communication. Our members come from diverse backgrounds such as biology, economics, sociology, cybersecurity, actuarial science, and software development.

We can hire candidates who live near Baltimore, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, or Seattle. The position is telework eligible.

If this sounds like the right career for you, please visit here and here for additional information, including position requirements and the process for applying. Note that the official USAJOBS posting title is Statistician, but you only need 6 credit hours of statistics coursework (along with other prerequisites), and you don’t need a background in Social Security programs or fraud.

To be considered, you MUST apply no later than 05/27/2022. As there are multiple grade levels for this position (GS-9, GS-11, GS-12, and GS-13), you will only be considered for the grade level(s) that you apply for AND that HR has determined you are qualified for. You may submit applications for more than one grade level.