Matthew Warren

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Badger Buddies Co-Chair


Pronouns: He/Him

Department: Bacteriology

Research Field: Nutrition and gut microbiome

Postdoc Start Date: July 2020

About Me: 

I am a Metabolism and Nutrition Training Program postdoctoral trainee in Federico Rey’s lab in the Department of Bacteriology. My research explores how host genetics and diet affect gut microbial density and microbial short-chain fatty acids output as a potential predictor of gut health. I am from California and I started my college education at West Hills College Lemoore and completed two associate degrees: one in biology and another in liberal arts-math and sciences. I transferred to the University of California-Davis and received a bachelor’s degree in animal science. My educational journey led me to Auburn University where I earned an MS in Biological Sciences. I completed my PhD in Nutrition from North Carolina State University. My career trajectory is to become a professor at a research institution to mentor students and conduct research on precision nutrition and the gut microbiome. I enjoy playing video games and building computers!