James Romero-Masters

Position title: Vice President; Co-Chair Diversity & Inclusion

Email: jcromero@wisc.edu

Co-Chair – Diversity and Inclusion Committee

I am a second year postdoc in the Department of Oncology. My research interest is understand the mechanisms by which tumor viruses promote tumorigenesis using the murine papillomavirus as a model for HPV-induced disease. I grew up in Houston, TX. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Houston and my graduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I stayed here at UW-Madison to continue as a Postdoc. I am one of the current co-Chairs of the UWPA Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I look forward to continuing my work serving the Postdocs on the UW-Madison campus. My hobbies range from running, playing video games, gardening, and the continual remodeling of my house.