Taja Lozar

Credentials: MD

Position title: Badger Buddies Co-Chair

Email: tlozar@wisc.edu

Pronouns: She/Her

Department: Oncology

Research Field: Medicine, Oncology

Postdoc Start Date: January 2021

About Me: 

I am an MD Research Associate and a joint member of Dr. Paul Lambert’s lab in the Department of Oncology/McArdle Laboratories and Dr. Howard Bailey’s lab at UW Carbone Cancer Center. I am a clinical/translational scientist with a focus on biomarker discovery and validation in immunooncology, understanding the various molecular phenotypes of human papillomavirus-associated disease, and cervical cancer prevention and screening efforts. I received my MD degree from University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, where I am also pursuing a PhD in Clinical Investigation. I enjoy long hikes with my dog, horseback riding, scuba diving and dining out.