Yu Hasegawa

Credentials: PhD

Position title: 2021 Postdoc Symposium Planning Co-chair

Email: yhasegawa2@wisc.edu

Phone: Nutrition

Department: Food Science

Obtained PhD from: United States, University of California-Davis

Research Field: Food science, obesity, nutrition, metabolomics

Hobbies: Capoeira, anime/manga, koto/shamisen

International postdoc: Yes

Yu Hasegawa is a postdoc at the UW-Madison in Food Science. She got her Ph.D. in Food Science at the University of California-Davis, where she mainly studied the impact of maternal obesity on infant metabolism and cognitive development. Yu’s current projects investigate the anti-inflammatory properties of yogurt on obese population. Yu is serving as one of the 2021 Postdoc Symposium Planning Co-Chairs.