Mandar Bawadekar

Position title: Diversity Committee Co-chair


Department of Rheumatology

Mandar is specialized in immunology and rheumatoid arthritis and is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Medicine at UW-Madison. He is working on citrullinating enzymes and neutrophil function in the pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical and Experimental Medicine from University of Eastern Piedmont, in Italy. He was a recipient of a prestigious International Ph.D. fellowship on Innovative Biomedical Technologies (IBT) 2010 through Cariplo Foundation, Milan-Italy. He is an active member of International Cytokine and Interferon Society. His graduate research was focused on studying the role of Interferon-Inducible 16 (IFI16) protein in the development of autoimmunity and as restriction factor for Human cytomegalovirus replication. He discovered extracellular IFI16 as a circulatory protein in systemic autoimmune diseases, with inflammation stimulating properties.

Mandar has been a member of the Diversity Committee since becoming involved with the UWPA in early 2016.