Bias to Action Kickoff Event

Monday 6/22 2:00pm-3:00pm. Online event. Register here for connection details.

Have you wondered if you can help solve some of the world’s problems? Are you considering a career in industry? Has COVID-19 forced you to alter your original career plans? If so, you should join a Bias to Action Group.

The goal of these groups is to simultaneously help postdocs develop the knowledge, skills, relationships and experiences needed to successfully transition to their next career stage while working on real world problems.

Each group of postdocs will identify societal, commercial or career problems. They will then design and carry out novel ways to address those problems supported by professionals with expertise in one of three focus areas:

  • Social Impact Group. For postdocs interested in public policy, social entrepreneurialism, government and non-governmental organizations.
  • Commercial Interests Group. For postdocs interested in industry careers and commercialization.
  • Career Exploration Group. For postdocs who are unsure what they want to do next.

Register here to join the kickoff event and learn more about the groups.

Have a question about the program? Contact Andrew Cusick (, Career Development Officer, Office of Postdoctoral Studies.