Postdoc Well-Being Series, April 23rd, 12-1pm

STRESSED OUT? Can’t Sleep well? Feeling anxious all the time? Can’t relax? Is this is an acceptable part of being a postdoc? Absolutely not. ​Recent reports have highlighted the need to address researchers’ mental health needs,  and it is more important than ever for postdocs to build the skills to support their physical and mental health.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Postdoctoral Association ( is ​hosting two active participation events to raise awareness of the importance of mental and physical health, ​and help postdocs practice techniques to reduce stress and improve their well-being.
The sessions will be led by postdoc Matt Hirshberg from the UW-Madison Center for Healthy Minds, a world-renowned research institute. Postdocs will learn about the science of well-being in relation to mindfulness and other forms of contemplative practice and and try some of the techniques during the session.
The first event will be held on Tuesday March 5th from 5-6 pm (partners welcome) at Union South an​d the second event will be on April 23rd from 12-1 pm at Memorial Union. Rooms: To be determined.
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For any questions, please contact Bipana Bantawa ( Sponsorship of this event is provided by the UW-Madison Office of Postdoctoral Studies.