STEM Idea Program

The Wisconsin Idea STEM Fellows program helps researchers and STEM professionals develop ‘interactive stations’ that can be used at outreach events or conferences. The program emphasizes best practices for working with a few people at a time rather than emphasizing mass communications strategies. Wisconsin Idea STEM Fellows Program had its origin through the NSF and IMLS supported ‘Portal to the Public’ network which consists of over 60 science centers and museums across the United States. Researchers and STEM professionals of any age and at any career stage will be encouraged to participate (Graduate Students, Post-Docs, Staff, Faculty).

If any postdocs are interested in training to host a general postdoc or STEM table for future programing events, please contact the Daniel Radecki of the UWPA Executive Council at We would be very interested in any general table ideas, and any way the UWPA could help to facilitate outreach through these events.