Md Rayhan Shaheb

Credentials: Secretary - UWPA 2023

Position title: Research Associate

Rayhan Shaheb, Ph.D., has been a Research Associate (Faculty/staff) at the Department of Plant and Agroecosystem Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since January 2023. Dr. Shaheb completed his Ph.D. in crop and environment sciences and engineering from Harper Adams University, UK, collaborating with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA. His Ph.D. research title was A study on the effect of tire inflation pressure on soil properties, growth and yield of maize and soybean in Central Illinois.’ He also investigated soil pore characteristics using X-ray Computed Tomography and analyzed the farming systems economically. Dr. Shaheb’s previous postdoc was at The Ohio State University from 2019 to 2021, where he investigated agricultural tires and tracked technologies’ effects on soil properties, crop development, and yield of corn and soybean. He has published five articles/book chapters, and several others are in progress. Previously, he was also a Senior Research Scientist at Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute from 2005 to 2015. He developed and conducted several research programs, including soil fertility and nutrient management, improvement of cropping systems, integrated farming systems, and varietal trials at different ago-ecological zones, and published more than 46 peer reviewed journal papers, user-friendly booklets, and magazine articles. In this current position, he implements experiments in improving pest management utilizing geospatial tools to expand the adoption of intercropping of alfalfa and corn for Wisconsin Dairies of the United States.