Information about UW-Madison’s Plans and Response for COVID-19 (coronavirus), announcements and resources related to COVID-19 can be found on the university’s dedicated website here. Guidance for researchers.

The UWPA understands that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to change how we go about our daily routine. Some of us may be working from home for safety or may need to take care of their children due to school closures. We have put together a list of resources for to help with this situation. You can also volunteer to help with possible COVID-19 testing.


Virtual Museum Tours

Free subscriptions from education companies

Skype a Scientist

Learn about Light Microscopy

Learn Coding

Cincinnati Zoo Daily Livestream

Monterey Bay Aquarium Livestream

Twitter thread curating multiple sources for learning to code (multiple languages)


Met Opera offering free viewings of their concerts

Vienna Opera free viewing

Facebook group: Social Distancing Activities for Kids

Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall

Netflix Sharing Chrome browser extension


Madison Mutual Aid Support Facebook Group

Academic Mutual Aid Foundation


2-month free yoga videos

General fitness


Keep Calm and Carr Out Madison has an updated list of local restaurants offering delivery and/or carry-out service.

Remote Work

Log-in to the UW-Madison VPN

Log-in to Department/College drives. Most departments/colleges have drives that can only be accessed through specific portal addresses. Below are the instructions for the College of Engineering, but each department/college will have a different portal address and may or may not allow remote computer access. If you cannot find your department/college portal please contact your department/college IT personnel.

  • Instructions for using remote desktop for the College of Engineering:
    1. log in to global connect with your CAE password
    2. Open remote desktop connection on your laptop. Type in your computer’s name and add “”; For example, .You can find your computer name in device settings or your computer’s “about” space.
    3. Log in with ENGR\username and password from CAE


  • Instructions for remote desktop to School of Veterinary Medicine:
    1. Log in to the SVM IT website
    2. Install the VPN client for your computer’s OS
    3. Request “Remote Desktop Access” through the Help Desk portal, available to qualified faculty/staff members