Support for Underrepresented Minorities

The UW-Madison Postdoctoral Association recognizes the need and importance for us to support our black and underrepresented minority students and colleagues in academia and the world at large. For many of us that means we must educate ourselves and those around us. To help our community become stronger and more educated, we have assembled a short list of some materials. If you have materials you would like us to share or would like to reach out to us regarding this please contact us at

Check out the the Black Cultural Center Fund to support students at UW-Madison








Compiled anti-racism resources:





  •  Brandon Taylor’s essay is here

Resources from UW Health to Black/African American employees:

List of resources and support networks:

Black-owned mental health organizations offering therapy:

Resources for Career Planning:

NextProf Nexus is a three-day program that is part of a nationwide effort to strengthen and diversify the next generation of academic leaders in engineering. This preeminent event is designed to give participants the opportunity to explore and prepare for a faculty position in academia.

A target of opportunity is defined as a prospective faculty member who will greatly enhance the quality and diversity of an academic department.