Badger Buddies Peer Mentoring

Badger Buddies Basics

The Badger Buddies Peer Mentoring program for postdocs was originally conceived in 2013 by Chris Konop, a postdoc at UW-Madison. The program was overhauled and relaunched in 2019 by the Badger Buddies Committee: Hector Burgos-Robles, Kaitlin Davis, Sanath Janaka, Daniel Z. Radecki, and the Office of Postdoctoral Studies with Imogen Hurley.

Badger Buddies is intended to provide new postdocs, within 1 year of their appointment start date, with a small group shared interests postdocs led by an established postdoc. All the mentors are volunteers interested in enhancing the postdoc experience for others, and easing the transition to Madison. The UWPA is always interested in improving the Badger Buddies program and wants to hear your ideas and input. Attend one of our Executive Council meetings, email an Executive Council member, or tell the Office of Postdoctoral Studies your thoughts.

Badger Buddies Peer Mentoring Program Link

Click here for the Badger Buddies Homepage

You will need your UW-Madison login credentials to access the Badger Buddies Page for the privacy of the mentors and mentees. Alternatively, connection to a UW-Madison wired or wireless internet connection will allow you to connect to the website from on campus.

Interested in becoming a Badger Buddies Mentor?

Check out the Badger Buddies homepage for more information on how to become a mentor. None of your contact information will be shared with any other website or organization, and once you finish as a Mentor, you will move to the Alumni portion of the Badger Buddies page as a record of your outstanding volunteer and leadership service to the UW-Madison postdoc community and the UWPA.

Badger Buddies Alumni

The UWPA would like to thank all postdocs who have volunteered to be mentors in the Badger Buddies program. Below are alumni of the Badger Buddies program who have devoted their time and effort to enhancing and supporting the postdoc community at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

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  • Hector Burgos-Robles, Ph.D.
  • Sanath Janaka, Ph.D.
  • Kaitlin Davis, Ph.D.
  • Daniel Z. Radecki, Ph.D.
  • Alireza Ousati Ashtiani, Ph.D.
  • Sebastian Bauer, Ph.D.
  • Taehee Kim, Ph.D.
  • Shane McMahon, Ph.D.
  • Jay Mishra, Ph.D.
  • Gina Galleo, Ph.D.
  • Ashley Kates, Ph.D.
  • Marco La Manna, Ph.D.
  • Teal Potter, Ph.D.