Upcoming Badger Buddies event : Monday 1/29

Surviving and thriving during Wisconsin’s winter :  Monday 1/29 3:00 PM-4:00 PM. Nancy Nicholas Hall (1300 Linden Dr) RM 1199

This is a “Mentorship Meetup” where we’ll share some details on staying healthy and happy during the winter in Wisconsin. Dr. Nate Willis will present strategies to help you survive and thrive this winter! Dr. Willis is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Nutritional Sciences. We plan to give you important health strategies and tips on living in Madison along with general advice.  We will then have time to answer further questions. All postdocs are invited, and especially new postdocs, to attend the upcoming meetup developed by postdocs, for postdocs!

After the Mentorship Meetup, there will be a postdoc social event at the Library Cafe and Bar (320 N Randall Ave). Check the Badger Postdoc Slack workspace 
here for updates. 

Questions? Contact Josh Brown (jkbrown7@wisc.edu).