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Flying to and from Madison:

Madison has a regional airport with several airlines (United, American, Delta, Frontier) providing connections to major hubs including Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Detroit, Washington DC.

Another option is to fly into either Chicago O’Hare or Midway Airport.  Shuttle service between Madison and Chicago runs every 2 hours through Van Galder Bus.

Inter-city Transportation

Madison is located 1h30 drive from Milwaukee (East), 2h30-3h00 drive from Chicago (South), 4h00 from the Twin Cities (Northwest).

There are different bus companies that provide a charter service on a regular basis between these cities, departing from UW-Madison Campus in front of Chazen Museum:

Badgerbus (serves Milwaukee)

Van Galder Bus (serves Chicago O' Hare Airport, Chicago Midway Airport, and Downtown Chicago Amtrak Station)

Megabus (Twin Cities)

Intra-city Transportation

Driving in Madison

Once you have obtained a residential address, you can register your vehicle and pay for the title fee at the DMV located at

Department of Motor Vehicles, 4802 Sheboygan Avenue Madison, WI 53705

There is no yearly state inspection required unless your vehicle title is subject to special conditions (salvaged title...).

Parking on campus and around Madison

You can purchase parking permits through the UW Transportation Services. However, parking on campus can be expensive ($800-1000/year) and having a permit does not always guarantee a parking spot.

Downtown Madison parking is often tricky and street parking is highly regulated. The city of Madison implemented particular parking rules from November 15 to March 15 in order to allow snowplows to operate during the winter months. You can familiarize yourself with these rules on the City of Madison website.

Public Transportation

Madison Metro

Madison has an appreciable bus network that serves the entire city.

Travel planning using public transit is integrated with Google Maps making trip planning fairly accurate and simple.

Faculty and staff can purchase a UW-employee bus pass that is valid from September 1st to August 31st of the following year. Bus passes can be obtained from UW transport services located at two major locations:

 UW Main Campus, 21 North Park Street inside the parking lot and follow the directions

UW Hospital Campus, 610 Walnut Street inside the WARF building, Room 124


Madison is incredibly bike-friendly with dedicated bike lanes available downtown and around the city. You can check out the City of Madison website for more information.