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Family Life In Madison

Madison is one of the best college towns for growing a family! Schools are great and provide an excellent education.

Public schools in Madison operate through the Madison Metropolitan Independent School District (MMISD), offering public schools from 4K (4-years old) to 12th grade. Please note that your children must be 4 or 5 years old by September 1st to enroll in the current 4K and Kindergarten academic year. If they are born after September 1st, Kindergarten pupils will be assigned to the 4K program. If your child is born close to the cut-off date (birthdays from September to early November) and/or comes from a district with different age requirements (e.g., with a cut-off date of January) it is possible to challenge the enrollment and have your child placed in the higher grade but this may be up to the discretion of the teacher or staff at the school in which you wish to enroll your child. Enrollment and registration can occur during a year long, please check the website to find the school zone in which you are affiliated. Website: https://www.madison.k12.wi.us

Day care options are fairly extensive, however there are often waiting lists for many day care operations, so appropriate preparations should be made if you are hoping to move to Madison, or are beginning a family in Madison. There are several resources for finding licensed day care in Madison including the 4C Resource and Referral site (http://www.4-c.org/resource-referral/resource-referral.html) and the state of Wisconsin’s Regulated Childcare Search page (http://dcf.wisconsin.gov/childcare/licensed/search.HTM).